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PAST >> Oscar Wilde

Oscar Wilde

A famous gay playwright from the late 1800's. His well known plays included The Importance of Being Ernest, An Ideal Husband, and the Portrait of Dorian Grey. Socially obligated, he was married to Constant, and had children whom he loved very much. Contrary to the strict Victorian practice, he was an open and loving father. He was an editor for a women magazine that supported women's right. His wit and humor in criticizing the Victorian culture and society was well recognized and received. His flamboyant style has swept North America like a storm when he paid his short visit.

Wilde's long-lasting, yet scandalous relationship with Alfred Douglas, son of a well-known socialite, has costed him years in prison despite his popularity and intelligence. His relationship with Constant also ended because of the law sue initiated by Alfred's wealthy father due to his relationship with Alfred. His love for Alfred lasted even after he got out of jail. Before being sentenced, Oscar could easily have fled England to let the scandal die down and then come back to restart his career. (Since homosexual practice was no secret in the Victorian culture. All he needed was a little time to let people "forget".) But he insisted on facing the court for he believed in his love and truth.

Although removed from their father at a young age, Oscar's children continued his theatrical legend, and produced many of his works after he died. Oscar Wilde's plays are still popular today. His life and many of his plays has been made into movies. The individuality and intelligence he displayed was remarkable even by any standard.