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Living as a gay Christian - A journey of truth

"Gay Christian" has been understood as an oxymoron for many people. But a holistic view on the humanity of a gay Christian can dissolved a lot of the misleading stereotypes and images. The different topics mentioned in this site may help anyone who is interested to know what a gay Christian is about.

The hardest thing for gay Christian is discerning right and wrong. There are simply too much information out there from both the secular world and Christian world. These information often represent two ends of extremes. This makes understanding almost impossible. The process of filtering all these information and finding truth in your life is a way of coming out.

Coming out is a process of learning, self acceptance, and understanding others. It is a quest for truth. This quest is emotional and can be very difficult and time-consuming. It is also spiritual since it deals with the core of our understanding and worldview. We would learn the validity and value of our love and feelings. We learn to manage and expression ourselves in good judgment and responsibility. We honor who we are as a creation of God, finding and appreciating the beauty within us. We will make mistakes, suffer pains. What make us different is that God is part of the process.

Coming out to yourself is similar to the process of learning about relationship for straight people - only we often need to rely more on God to find what we are looking for despite unbearable loneliness. There are lies to be broken, misunderstanding to resolve, values to uphold, and courage to be found.
As confusions build up, the human intellect reach its limit and render useless; it is in our prayerful connection to God where we can see how valuable we are, regardless of our sexuality. When we know our attraction toward others is real and beautiful, we may find condemnation and promiscuity like bullets coming from two ends of a battle field, but God is our shield. In his love, we will find true love. For what God has made beautiful will always be His glory.

Be strong and faithful! There may not be answers for some of the questions we would ask, but there is always hope in God's grace. Essentially, love, faith, and hope is more than enough!