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A daring proposal

Gays have been trying to prove themselves normal for a long time. I don't think being normal is so important. Especially as a Christians.

It is obvious that we are a different minority. We are anything but sexually normal. Embracing the realistic fact that we are different can help us understand our uniqueness in creation and take responsibility of how we act. There is no need to normalize our identity. We are valid simply God make us, no apology needed.

We are, in a sense, sexually handicapped. We cannot establish a biological family. Something that heterosexuals enjoy that we will never understand. This is okay. For we have our own set of unique experience. We are unable to fit into the norm of creation, but that does not devalue us. We have created our own forms of family units that are not only functional, but beautiful.

The world has already learnt such truth. If the near-sighted is allowed to see with glasses, the limps allowed to travel on wheel chair, the genius allow to speed read, the math whiz allowed to calculate without machine - gays should be allowed to love.

The notion of handicap may suggest the necessity to reverse who we are, but consider the following:

- physical restoration of limp is not possible with all that we know about biology, suggesting one can understand the psychology enough to reverse who we are is a plain lie. Psychology is still a relatively primitive science.

- even if reversal is possible, one would not consider the rejection to restore a limp as a sin, so why would it be a must for homosexuals to change themselves

- there are experiences for gays and lesbians that are unique and beautiful. No one has the authority to say our encounter with God's love as gay people is less than others.

- Gay people have perceived love in certain way, reversal can be devastating. For example, there has been people who were born without sight, and later in life received visual restoration. Many of such cases ended up in tragic death, or rejection of the new sense. This is because they perceived the world completely differently from others. They don't have the ability to discern the meaning of visual stimulation. We all take visual interpretation for granted, it is in fact an extremely complicated psychological process. Individual above cannot discern the difference between their spouse and their doctor after months and months of practice. Dicernment comes for them only if they hear voices or use their touch. Some tragedies happen because their visual understanding failed to inform them of danger: stepped off a high rise because of the misconception of depth, the misjudgment of distance lead them in front of a taxi. Similar situation can happen to the reversal of sexual orientation. What happen to their loved ones? What if they find out that heterosexual love is not as spiritual nurturing comparing to their previous experience? What about their previous experience that made up who he is now, can we invalidate it? Restoration to "normality" is not always for the better.

I am not victimizing gays, but asserting our uniqueness, our validity. Let's try to unmask the double standard of society and be confident in our differences. Jesus himself was rejected in many ways. It is our honor to follow His foot steps. Pick up your cross and follow.