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FAITH >> Needs when you are weak


Needs when you are weak

Weak as I feel
I look into the mirror
a tired and disappointed me
Who is there to care and love me...

Where is my spirit?
Where is the love of God?
Can I ever find the beauty He promised me?
Has He abandoned me for who I am?
Do I deserve His grace?

Then I saw light
sensed some hope
felt some pain
contemplated some wisdom
prayed some ...

He has given me
eyes bright enough to see
a heart alive enough to yearn love
a mind conscious enough to remember Him
a leg strong enough to stand, walk
He has given me ... all that I need to be...

beautiful and lovely
strong and willful
faithful and hopeful
wise and compassionate

I need no more.

I will walk on
I will laugh out loud
I will dance with rhythm
I will pray in my best spirit

Because of Him
The one in the mirror will be His glory.
I am in His light.

Thank you, Lord.
Be onto you.