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PAST >> The Holocaust

The gay Holocaust

Gays were a target of persecution for the Nazi during World War II. The pink triangle was used to mark homosexuals by the Nazis during the holocaust. (Just as Jewish are marked by the Star of David) Different color of triangle were used to marked different kind of "criminals", e.g. the rich upper class.

The suffering of these gay victims are courageous and heroic. There is nothing easier to hide than one's sexuality. Most of these people were only reported or speculated to be gay. It also included those who are simply considered feminine. A lot of them denied the opportunity to prove themselves out of homosexuality. (They, like the Jews, probably did not know what they were walking into.) They affirmed their identity and was persecuted for it.

It is a shame that, today there are historic revisionist trying to deny the reality of the gay holocaust. Accusing that the homosexual community invented such case to victimize themselves historically to gain sympathy. Even worst, some Christians have believed them. The persecution was well documented. There were records of Hitler's speech that contained hateful comments toward homosexuals as well as the Jews and many other minorities in Germany at the time. We should research and learn about this ugly passage of our history. As Christians, we need to reflect on such historic truth of our past, so that we may prevent similar scenarios from happening again in the future.