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SELF >> Unexpectedly Gay

My most unexpected, but gayest experience

One day, I was riding with the 40 something-year-old son of my neighbor to dinner. We just drove out of our own block, and was turning into the highway. Like most main cross sections, there was a gas station. I didn't notice anything special except there was a guy pumping gas. He was just a middle age men in a blue shirt, nothing especially worth any attention. Then, out of no where, my ride suddenly looked distracted. A split moment later, he said cheerfully, "It's good to have something for the eyes isn't it?" All the while he was gesturing to the side-walk in front of the gas station.

Then I suddenly realized that there was a girl walking in front of the station, suggested by my ride's voice, it hits me that she was quite "physically developed". By mental reflex, I cannot say I shared my ride's sentiment, I just smiled and awkwardly realized - that was the gayest thing I have ever experienced! The indifference and confusion about my ride's comment, and my odd attention paid to the ever so uninteresting blue-shirted man, also the total ignorance of the supposed "eye - candy", all these things points toward the core of my perception about the world.

I am gay, and the evident was found unexpectedly in front of a gas station. If who I am is wrong, I guess I should take the course Proper "eye - candy" appreciation 101. ( Perhaps it will be offered in the Religious study department. opps!) Where is the registration office?