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REASON >> On Ex-gay

On ex-gay:

After years of attempt to reverse homosexuality. The ex-gay movement has not prove itself to be successful in any way. There were never any official statistic released to support their claim that such therapeutic method is effective. Their claim rely largely on “info-mercial” like testimonies by random individuals. Many of such success stories are of extremely disturbed individuals whose lives are "messed up" regardless of their sexuality. Simply because they happen to be gay, or lesbian, does not in anyway say anything about the need to reverse homosexuality in general. The use of such testimonies is like having a reborn prostitute trying to convince the world that heterosexual sex is bad. There is a difference between good sexual conduct and bad sexual conduct, and the distinction cannot be grounded on sexual orientation.

Ex-gay therapy should not be entertained. Although, morally speaking, there is nothing wrong about an innocent attempt to change one's sexuality into the more-common heterosexuality. After all, being able to have your own children, and having a larger pool of potential partners to choose from, can be potentially beneficial in a practical sense, BUT there are too many down falls and risks involved in such attempts:

1. There is no indication that such attempts will be successful. If failed, the emotional trauma for the person and the person's friends and family can be very painful.

2. Such attempt cast negative light on people who choose to honor their sexuality. Attempt to change implies that other homosexual's love is less, which is not true.

3. If such attempt appears to be successful but not really, one risk destroying a family later on in life. The wife/husband and the children would suffer emotional trauma. It is not fair for the family and the person. Family should be builted on love, not wishful, emotional gamble.

4. One may simply loose the opportunity of true love.

5. God created who we are, deliberately changing one's sexuality can be a sign of resentment toward the mystery of God's creation.

6. There are better things to do in life rather than spending enormous amount of time doing therapy just so you can sleep with a person of different sex. Changing you sexuality is not a service to God, but to self. Life is too precious to be used as such.

7. The world in general detested gays and lesbians. One is not witnessing the power and the unbias of God's love by running away from being who you are. By honoring what God has given to you, one may gain more compassion and understanding, and opportunity to service.

In short, since we know that emotionally fulfilling and spiritually nurturing relationship is possible for gays and lesbians, escaping from such a life simply stirs up too much denial and negative energy for it to be justified. God has made you who you are with a purpose. What God has made clean, you must not call profane. - The Bible, Act 10:15

May you find love and peace.