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REASON >> On genetics and causes

On genetics and causes of homosexuality

Physiologically and psychologically speaking, the cause of homosexuality have not been determined. The only thing we know is that this orientation is randomly found among all culture, race, and time in history. It may even be possible for a person to experience a shift in sexuality, although many people disputed that many of such "shift" may simply be a process of giving up their denial, and choose honest self-acceptance.

The point I am trying to make is that the cause, whatever it is, is irrelevant to the validity of homosexuality.

Genetics, for example, have been used to justify the existence of gays and lesbians by indicating that we did not choose to be who we are. Many conservative anti-gay people often describe such claim as an excuse to be promiscuous. Both sides are missing the point: for we have not yet found any scientifically convincing case to prove the genetics factor in our sexual orientation. Also, something inherited does not imply good/bad. From Einstein's admirable intelligence to the debilitating disease of diabetes, many things have genetic links. One cannot make a call of morality or acceptability based on physiology.

Psychology, on the other hand, has lead some religious councilors to believe that if a psychological cause is found for homosexual, than it could be reversed. The ex-gay movement is based somewhat on this ground, along with the assumption that homosexuality is linked to the evil side of spirituality. Again, psychological fact is irrelevant to the validity of our being. Simply because something is reversible, doesn't mean it should be reversed. The truth is, after years of attempted therapy and research, no acceptable study have shown a psychological cause of homosexuality. If they don't even know where homosexuality comes from, then the claim of being able to reverse it is a lie.

The key here is deciding the validity of the sexual orientation itself. The exploration of the moral validity of sexuality lies in a person's motivation, conduct, and spirituality. If it is accepted, than who cares what the cause is or when it emerges. Gay love should then be celebrated just as heterosexual love, simply because it is free, independent, mature, mutual, and giving love. If a sexual practice is decidedly unacceptable, then the treatment of the sexually perverted will be negative regardless of his or her orientation.