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We - Gay blessed Christian

Gays and lesbians Christian often find themselves defensive. It is important to realize that we are created with a purpose. May I share something God has taught me through the years.

Our love witness God's pure love. We love despite of nature's biological dictation. Our love is pure, for it depend not on the reproductive compatibility of male and female, but purely a connection within an emotional and spiritual mystery. Our love witness the diverse, unbiased love of God. We love for love sake in courage, maturity, and humility. We take nothing for granted. Our relationship is not a product of culture, nor tradition, nor social expectation, nor biology. We have the most human love possible - a noble, conscious, and creative love that is strong. We expressed an aspect of God's love otherwise cannot be shown.

We walk a unique path where no one else does. Bridging between the abandonment of the sacred institution and the rejection of the world; facing a war between religious dogma and humanistic taboo. We are like the death of Christ, in between heaven and hell, awaiting to be lifted up by the Father again. We will raise again in His promise.

We are on trail, a life of trail. We have been given a cross to carry. Condemned by the ignorance of the world and the blindness of our fellow sisters and brothers, acused by Satan, crossed examined by hatred and our own weaknesses. Witnessed by demons... But be thankful, it is the just Father who is in the seat of judgment. The jury is no one but Jesus Christ our gracious and compassionate savior. Fear not than, for it is in God's term we will walk out of this court of accusation. Be truthful and faithful my friends. May the Lord's voice of justice bless you.