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REASON >> Arguments

Here are some common non-biblical arguments used by many conservative people to accuse us of being destructive and harmful. I will provide a general respond to each.

They destroy the family.
Often used by "pro-family" group. But we ARE the family. Gays and lesbians are themselves children, siblings, cousins, friends, and even parents. We do know the importance of family (e.g. our fight for gay-marriage and adoption rights), and have established our own. In fact, one of the biggest source of pain for homosexuals is the rejection from our own family. The idea of nuclear family cannot be forced upon others as the only acceptable form of family. What about single parent family? What about step family, adopted children? Isn't love and role model the most important for children? Shouldn't care and commitment be the center of a family? Jesus questioned Mary's attitude toward family when he said His place is in the Father's house (Luke 2). For Christians, family is important, but God's grace and will is even more of a priority. Jesus was not exactly a product of a nuclear family, neither was Moses. What God has made clean, you must not call profane (Act 10:15). Pro-family slogan against homosexuals is nothing but a fan for the fire of ignorance.

They are sexually dangerous.
We are not. There is no statistic showing that we are any more likely to be pedephiles or rapist. In fact, it has been shown that we are very similar to heterosexuals in all kinds of social pattern, both good and bads. We are just people.

They are promiscuous.
A large portion of the gay population is not sexually promiscuous. And even if we are promiscuous, it simply means sexual activity is high within the gay circle. How is that a danger to others in the society? I find it very ironic that such objections often come form the same people who oppose gay marriage. What do you want from us?

They want special right.
We want the exact same set of rights straight couples have. We want no privileges. If two people made a commitment of cohabitation, same sex or not, the financial and social situation is very similar. The rights, e.g. tax or insurance, is based on needs, not definition of marriage. It may goes under a different catagory, but we deserve the same treatment.

Their acts are disgusting (detestable).
Well, we are on the same level until the day you would show your sex video in public. Sex is sex, you don't exactly show it to everyone as a beautiful presentation. We are no more disgusting than you are. Physical intimacy is an expression of love and trust, we are designed with the capability to pleasure our lovers. If sex is just for reproduction, then with today's technology, there is no justification for any kind of sex.

It is unnatural (abnormal).
Einstein's genius was abnormal, and organ transplants are unnatural. Simply because something is unconventional does not make it wrong. The evaluation of something has to be evaluated socially, and spiritually, especially for Christians. Homosexuals has done nothing that effect heterosexual people's life negatively.

They breed diseases like AIDS.
Gays and lesbians don't breed disease, sexual activities does. By accepting homosexuals, we can better cope with our emotional needs and talk about our problem openly, which help lessen the need for "desperate sex". This also helped people to develop a healthier view on their sexuality. AIDS is not a gay problem, but a health problem closely related to how society treat us as a whole.

Their relationships are short-lived.
Heterosexual has a 50% divorce rate. Domestic violence and broken family have cost North American society billions of dollars. Don't forget that straight love is supported and celebrated by all cultures, religions, pop music, movies, family, peers, role models, politics, commercial product, science, art, and literature throughout the entire history of the human race. Judging from how messed up straight people are, gay people are doing really well with all the prejudice, hate crimes, misunderstandings, religious condemnations, family tensions, and guilt that we have to put up with.

If we follow their logic, we would have to accept other sexual deviances, like pedephiles and incest too.
The gay issue does resemble other sexual deviance logically. But other sexual problems deal with issues like maturity, age, obsession, abuse of power, and disruption of established families. The gay issue is unique. Gays are building a new, independent kind of love between free adults. Although our logical path does seem to point to the possibility of justifying other sexual problems, arriving to the conclusion of acceptance is another matter. We will draw a line somewhere by our common sense. Just like allowing swimming suit in public does not imply accepting nudity in public, gay acceptance does not imply accepting sexual perversions.

They can control their desire just like I control my occasional lust.
Straight people don't understanding the word "orientation". In trying to understand us, the closest thing they can resemble is their lust. But the gays can tell the difference between lust and true attraction. We get hurt if our partner cheat on us. There exist a difference between good and bad sexual and emotional conduct within the gay circle. Our sexual attraction does not come from the same place where one would find lust. We can choose to be a celibate but we would still be gay. Our sexuality is fundamental and mysterious just like heterosexuals'. A straight man can be loving to his wife, or lust after a female neighbor, or become a monk; all these happen on the bases of him being attracted to woman. The legitimacy of his sexual activity lies in his conduct. What ever his action, he has a contextually unchangeable fact that he is attracted to women. Same kind of base line exists for the homosexuals, hence the word orientation. The word has been so overused that conservatives consider it a fancy word for lust. As I have shown, orientation is not the same as lust. Our loving action can be beautiful and fulfilling.

It is a choice
Although there is little evidents that prove the genetic cause of homosexuality, but social evident has show that almost all homosexual did not choose to be gays and lesbians. With all the negative pressure in society now, it is unrealistic to think people are becoming openly gay because of lust. We are being open and politically active because we believed in a true cost for rights. And what if it was a choice. For example, it is a person's choice to love a foreigner, does it mean the immigration department should stop granting the foreign spouse of a citizen the right to reside in their country. A clear bias and double standard is being imposed on homosexuals.
People will abuse the legal title of gay marriage if we provide it.
Heterosexual marriage have been abused for the longest time: anything from divorse, immigration, taxation, to social benefit. Any man and woman can enter a spousal relationship and receive all kinds of related legal privileges, but most people tend to respect such union. What makes you think that allowing same sex marriage would increase such scam? Any legal institution can always be abused, but that doesn't meant we shouldn't consider their legitimacy otherwise. And if gay marriage parellel straight marriage, divorse means spliting property, which make the legal bond as serious, and as restricting as straight couples' anyway.