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PAST >> St. Anselm

St. Anselm

St. Anselm was a Catholic monk in 1100's. He was a famous theologian and philosopher. His puzzling ontological argument for the existence of God has perplexed people throughout history. He was considered as the father of scholasticism. Upon the discovery of Aristotelian logic and Platonic metaphysical ideas, Anselm was one of the first pioneers in modern scholarship. It is truth, though, to say his philosophy was naive and incomplete because he was a mere pioneer. But he was one of few people who started the tradition of scientific thinking and logical understanding in the Middle Age.

St.Anselm's homosexuality was a speculation, but there is no evidence to prove him otherwise neither. There is no way for us to confirm his sexuality. There are even documents clearly indicating his political hostility toward homosexuals in his time. The speculation is justified mainly by his spiritual emphasis of male-male intimacy, friendship and physical interaction.
He expressed a uniquely intense form of love and intimacy to many fellow monks in the monastic society, in action and in writing. He encouraged kisses and hugs among monks. He was affectionate in his expression of spiritual love. Although such physical contact is not unfounded in his time, his enthusiasm on contact between men was unique; along with his resentment toward women (like most philosophers in human history), was enough to justify the possibility of him being a homosexual. This issue is still a stirring side topic within the study of theological and Christian history.