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The Web-master:

A gay Christian currently studying in a Christian university in BC, Canada. It is the largest liberal-art Christian university in Canada. The purpose of creating this site is to share what I have learnt through my stuggle to accept who I am while maintaining a genuine relationship with God. My intellectual and spiritual struggle because of my sexuality has brough me knowledge and understanding that I would not have otherwise. God has been miraculously gracious and providing through these years. There is still more challenges to come, but I simply cannot selfishly keep God's grace to myself. I hope this site have touched your heart.



While some of the graphics used in this site is custom made, a lot of them are provided by Other graphics are collected from various non-commercial public domain sites. Such graphics have been down-sized and cropped in such a way that the original quality and impact is removed. Graphics are used for illustration of the message delivered. The web-master has no intension of violating anyone's copyright. If you find any graphic usage in this site unacceptable, please contact the web-master, and the relevent graphic(s) will be removed promptly. Thank you.

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